2D/3D Animator

Job description

You will be joining agile 3D/2D animation teams. The team members are responsible for all aspects of creating animated productions. From ideation to execution to data analytics, the team is responsible for growing our community and company brand/image. 


We believe in ownership and taking action when there are no actions given. We don't believe in specializing as big problems require a wide set of skills to solve. Our teams are empowered to take any action needed to make their games great! We do our best to get out of the way of visionary thinkers and act as a platform to guide them.



  • Create industry-standard 2D/3D animations

  • Growing our community, brand, and services.

  • Create industry-standard re-usable assets for internal and external use

  • Work within cross-disciplinary groups in order to provide better outcomes for the product

  • Consistently learning latest technics and keeping up with the industries top standards

  • Engage in the office culture and our consistent training protocols

You'll be successful if you

  • Have a large portfolio of animations, models and UI elements.

  • Have some technical understanding in game engines

  • Are very active in the art communities

  • Have demonstrated your passion for creating great animations

  • Are willing to train on the job and be extremely progressive towards your skills.

  • Have demonstrated your collaborative skills on group projects

  • Are passionate about the latest news in the industry.

  • Have a great intuition for coming up with unique animated content

Must haves

  • A great portfolio of animations and art

What we brag about

  • One of the most creative office environments in Sri Lanka

  • An awesome mid-city office location

  • Ability to grow in your profession and build a bigger portfolio of skills.

  • Fun competitive game nights with some of Sri Lanka's best gamers.

  • Being part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • Always have a voice in everything we do.

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