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We strive for powerful storytelling with a combination of graphics, illustration, and animation. Our team will see the project from start to finish; from concept art and storyboards, to animating, compositing and rendering. We bring to life the stories that words alone can’t do justice. 

- 2D/ 3D Animations
- Technical Consultation

- Visual Development

- Character Design

- Storyboard

- Training


Game development

Browse through the various game development projects we've done that we've somewhat discontinued. We like to be open about stuff!

- App Store/ Android Games
- Instant Games

- Playable Ads

- Developer Consultation

- Training

Mobile Games

Christmas is over and Santa's elves have rebelled against him due to his unreasonable working conditions. Play for free now to help Santa and his friends crush the elf rebellion! Save Christmas, 2020!



1 M+


11.3K Ratings

-Satisfying and smooth gameplay

-Challenge your precision, get 100% matches

-Dip and cut the way you want

-Crazy patterns to play creatively

Let's make something awesome together!

Whether you’re looking for a professional Studio to cover your Animated Production’s needs or to develop a full-fledged game, give us a call.

We love what we do!

Tie N Dye

Offers In-App Purchases

Stay Tuned

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