Lead Game Programmer

Job Description

As Lead Programmer at Motion Miracles, you will be responsible for leading a team of programmers to create code for our games in coordination with other teams such as art, sound, finance

As Lead Game Programmer you will:

  • Coach and guide the programming team while ensuring that tasks are completed according to schedule

  • Coordinate with other team leads (lead game artist, lead technical artist, etc.) to determine how to prioritize and assign tasks for your team 

  • Identify and implement ways to streamline the production and bug-handling processes

  • Delegate focused tasks to members of your team and estimate the time requirement for the tasks

  • Maintain the quality and performance optimization of game code


What we look out for:

  • Relevant experience as a team lead in game design

  • A hands-on understanding of all programming roles and experience delegating tasks between them

  • Advanced programming skills for games

  • Team management skills

  • In-depth familiarity with Unreal Engine, including its strengths and shortcomings

  • Experience with Scrum Agile Method

  • Experience with developing and shipping games


  • Skills in art and/or graphic design

  • Experience shipping games on several platforms (mobile, PC, console)


What we brag about:

  • One of the most creative office environments in Sri Lanka

  • An awesome mid-city office location

  • Ability to grow in your profession and build a bigger portfolio of skills.

  • Fun competitive game nights with some of Sri Lanka's best gamers.

  • Being part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • Always have a voice in everything we do.

  • The opportunity to get involved and help shape a game studio in its early years


Send us:

  • A link with your work or where you post most of your work (Instagram, Google Drive etc.)

  • Upload of your CV

  • A paragraph about why you think Motion Miracles is a good fit for you. What your expectations are in the company and why you think you're a good fit for the company.

  • (Optional): Send us something that your most proud of and explain some of the challenges you faced and why you're proud of it.

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