Game UI Artist

Job Description

You will design well thought-out interface assets such as HUDs, effects and menu screens that complement and enhance the experience of our games. You will need to consistently be communicating with all members of the team when making decisions around how the UI/UX because it needs to be executable for the team and feasible.

As a Game UI Artist, you will:

  • Design logic flowcharts of interface assets and UX

  • Design, develop and document all new assets for use within the company.

  • Present your reasoning to the team and incorporate feedback

  • Use your design skills to realize the visual aspect of your interface

  • Create UI effects.

  • Test if your work is intuitive and people understand the UI layouts of the game easily.


What we look out for:

  • Wide understanding of UX and UI design

  • Experience create fun and intuitive UI designs.

  • Awareness of the latest trends in UI design in games

  • The ability to generate mockups, test ideas and wireframes efficiently

  • Good communication skills

  • Already worked, and complete game UI/UX before.

  • Fluency in Spoken English and competency in written English 


  • Background in developmental psychology

  • Awareness of disabilities such as color blindness that needs to be accounted for in the gaming experience

  • Have an online presence and recognized in a game dev community

  • Knowledge of Maya

  • Can work with visual FX animation

  • Familiarity with Unreal Engine

Employment Terms:

  • Ability to work fulltime on sight.

  • Document, manage and organize all the content you create to our guidelines.

  • Listen to your supervisors and always provide feedback on how we can improve

  • Engage with the culture in the office and the community we are trying to create.


What we brag about:

  • One of the most creative office environments in Sri Lanka

  • An awesome mid-city office location

  • Ability to grow in your profession and build a bigger portfolio of skills.

  • Fun competitive game nights with some of Sri Lanka's best gamers.

  • Being part of something bigger than ourselves.

  • Always have a voice in everything we do.

  • The opportunity to get involved and help shape a game studio in its early years


Send us:

  • A link with your work or where you post most of your work (Instagram, Google Drive etc.)

  • Upload of your CV

  • A paragraph about why you think Motion Miracles is a good fit for you. What your expectations are in the company and why you think you're a good fit for the company.

  • (Optional): Send us something that your most proud of and explain some of the challenges you faced and why you're proud of it.

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