Wacky Winter Press kit

Welcome to Motion Miracles' Press Page for our latest game, Wacky Winter. Feel free to use any of the images, videos and descriptions about the game in this page for promotional or journalistic purposes. If there's anything you need that's not on this page,  let us know and we'll make it available for you. In the Dropbox folder below you can find all content on this page and more.


Cinematic trailer

Fact sheet

  •  Developer:                  Motion Miracles; Based in Colombo, Sri Lanka

  • Release Date:           December 13th, 2018

  • Platforms:                   Android, iOS

  • Website:                      https://www.motionmiracles.com/

  • Price:                            Free, with optional in-app digital purchases

  • Languages:               English

  • Press contact:          contact@motionmiracles.com

  • Social Media Links: Instagram, Youtube, Discord, Twitter (coming soon),  Reddit (coming soon) 


  • Description: Christmas is over and Santa's elves have rebelled against him due to his unreasonable working conditions. Play for free now to help Santa and his friends crush the elf rebellion! Save Christmas, 2019!


  • Wacky Winter is a mobile game with a different approach to the "endless runner " genre of video games. Instead of measuring your score based on the distance you run, your score is determined by each elf you squish. Tap the screen to squish elves as you race across a winter wonderland, all the while dodging massive candy cane, Penguins with snowball cannons, Yetis and snow people. Moreover, the player has a wide and expanding selection of characters to play as. Play as Santa, a gladiator, a "Samurai-Dracula", a guitar-playing new-age CEO, and many other characters. 

Features of the game

  • Your score is easy to measure! Each elf you squish in a run earns you one point

  • A squished elf also gets you one gift, which you can save up to unlock new playable characters

  • Wacky Winter's selection of characters is ever-expanding

  • Leap over sleigh bombs, avoid springing candy-cane chimneys, survive charging reindeer. Wacky Winter will hone your dexterity and hand-eye coordination

  • The competition is on to become a top-ranking player on the leaderboard. Just squish as many elves as you can in a single run

the story behind the company

Motion Miracles was first conceived as a personal animation project by its founder and CEO, Anish Wijesinghe in 2012, when he was 15 years old. He built a rig which dominated the Minecraft animation community and  created tutorials for Youtube. His channel gathered over 40,000 subscribers and his video entitled Gladiator - Minecraft Fight Animation got over 3 million views back when Dubstep was still in. He became recognized in the community by his username "AnishWij". 

In 2017, Motion Miracles ventured into video game development and set its base in Colombo, Sri Lanka. We believe that games are a step beyond animation because a game has the potential to allow a player to actively create their own story instead of  passively following someone else's. Although a simple game,Wacky Winter is the first step of Motion Miracles' transition into video games. Upcoming projects include a game that builds community using cryptocurrency and a game designed to drive ecological solutions in the world. More information on that will be unveiled in the next few months.

Although Motion Miracles has shifted gears from animation tutorials to game development, it has not lost touch with its roots as a 13 year-old's educational Youtube channel. We still try hard to build a community around learning and growth. Our endeavors here are best seen on our Discord server where we let our community see how we work behind the scenes. As we scale, we plan on investing in creating more tutorials for our followers, focusing efforts on growing game development in Sri Lanka, and building crowd-sourced games with our community.

Wacky Winter: Screenshots, logos, and illustrations

All images featured on this page and more are downloadable as files or a zipped folder on DropBox

Coming soon: Wacky Zombies

The world has been overrun by an apocalypse of cute zombies. Nemo, the last surviving human, goes on a revenge spree against the zombies for taking away his world, and because he has nothing better to do...

Launch date: Spring, 2019 on Android and iOS.

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