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About Us

How did we manage to reach the #4 spot on the App Store, become a top educational channel in interactive media, and sell tools over 300,000+ times across 70+ countries? Trust, communication and skill...


Our priorities start with trust, then communication, and finally skill. Skill and output can be found anywhere but a team but trust and an almost instinctual trust is rare and what enables our teams to face any adversity


Our members have gone on to...

- Start their own studios with workforces and publish their own games
- Start their own $mn companies

- Gain full master's scholarships to across the world

- Establish roles with giants such as Disney

We believe DO NOT treat our staff like family. We believe in whom they have become over the years and facilitate them from there to achieve their full potential with us or whoever can do that better than us... 



Anish (founder), started by teaching interactive media to 25,000+ student followers in his teenage years. Considered a prodigy in his field, his products were downloaded 350,000+  times accross 70+ countries,


being integrated into universities and showcased all over the world as a young prodigy in interactive media. Now he imparts his knowledge to our teams pushing us to always strive to be the best version of ourselves anywhere in the world.


 started his mission to propel interactive media to new heights at the age of 14. Making it a reality in 2017, Motion Miracles has 40 members working towards this collective mission believing in it every step of the way. 

Leadership Team...

Anish Wijesinghe - Co-Founder / CEO / Game Director

Shanil Wijesinghe - Co-Founder / COO / Game Strategy

Manul Singhe - Game Products Manager

Based accross...

Singapore - Base Headquaters

Sri Lanka - Operating Entity

Global - Remote operations (workforce across 12+ countries)


- One of the most creative office environments in Sri Lanka (remote available)
- An awesome mid-city office location
- Ability to grow in your profession and build a bigger portfolio of skills
- Fun competitive game nights with some of Sri Lanka's best gamers
- Being part of something bigger than ourselves
- Always have a voice in everything we do

- Non-stop love for game development

- Roshan <3


- Random nerf gunfights

- Multiple trips to Spar

- Criminally bad puns

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