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Join the Motion Miracles Journey

Working at Motion Miracles is always going to be a rollercoaster as we are always pushing ourselves to being the best version of ourselves. 

Why We're an Incredible Place to Work

We believe working at Motion Miracles will be one of the highlights of our lives. It's nothing like the average professional experience.
Here's what makes it so special!

More About us

Motion Miracles was built by creatives for creatives. We function as a decentralized, transparent, and human-centric platform to house and nurture world-class talent.

Perks & Benefits

We focus heavily on creating a healthy work-life balance for our team members to do their best work while developing their craft.
Career planning

We collectively help members on aligning their work with their careers and advise on strategies to grow.


You will gain insights into all the studios financials and processes to be able to make frictionless decisions.

Minimum Vacation

Minimum 3 weeks a year of break!

Life Coaching & Mentorship

We provide a coaches & mentorship for members to continue improving their emotional and technical capcity in their craft.

Leisure/Work Expense Budgets

When teams do well the company provides access to frictionless financial support for both leisure and work

Home office setup

The studio provides PCs and gear to have a comfortable WFH experience.

Flexible Work Hours

Set your prefered work hours!

ESOP Agreements

For the committed or high performing members at the studio we allocate shares.


3-6 weeks or more, fully paid breaks every 3 years

Work & Learn

We allow members to take hours from the work week to improve their skills on whatever personal or team projects they'd like.

Profit sharing

When the studio does well, we share the profits with members!

Work Remotely

Live and work wherever you like!

Our Criteria

What we look for:

  • A solid and clear portfolio or track record of work

  • Continious personal development through personal projects aside from assignments.

  • Showcase a highly collaborative mindset towards working with peers

What we will reject:

  • No clear portfolio of work

  • Not well researched 

  • Not collaborative and only focused around receiving requirement

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Join us

We usually take 1 - 2 weeks to reach out and further evaluate your application

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