Business Developer

$300 - $1,000 Monthly

Job Location

Sri Lanka

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Job Category

Growth & Expansion

Remote Work


About Motion Miracles

Motion Miracles an interactive media company at the forefront of the industry in Sri Lanka and world-wide. 

The studio has created hit games such as Tie N' Dye that has reached #2 in its genre in the US App Store. 

Our world-class product teams work with the best in the world such as Voodoo, Supersonic and Lion Studios.


Role Summary

As a Business Development Executive at Motion Miracles, you'll be responsible for executing company strategy, facilitating teams towards achieving Key Performance Indicators and communicating information to all stakeholders. 

You'll be successful if you

  • Have a business/commerce/economics degree and/or 2+ years of experience in a similar role

  • Have great people skills, emotional intelligence, and communication

  • Create posters, write-ups and presentations skillfully for external and internal communication

  • Be agile in new responsibilities

  • Ensure teams are efficiently utilizing our business processes for maximum output

Have confidence in:

  • Hiring

  • Improving KPIs among various teams

  • Scaling teams to improve KPI performance

  • Executing high-level plans

  • Pitching ideas and communicating plans

  • Creating clear data visualizations

  • Understanding the interactive media industry and the various monetizable demands they might have

  • Being hands-on with team engagement and internal performance of the teams

Example Responsibilities

You'll be creating, improving and working on:

  • Financial dashboards and high-level performance data for the main stakeholders at the studio

  • Organize company events that lead to open communication and facilitation of our transparent culture

  • Reports that stakeholders and team members can read to understand the company plans

  • Our visibility with clients and generating client leads

  • Be the main communicator between clients and our teams

  • Work with external freelancers or studios to meet project requirements

  • Creating project budgets and communicating them to clients and teams

  • Ensuring that all projects are tracking according to plans, as set out

  • Conduct market research on KPIs to optimize team output

  • Business plans that communicate team roadmaps and growth plans

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Business Developer