Junior Game Designer

$400 - $1,000 Monthly + Profit Share

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Game Design

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About Motion Miracles

Motion Miracles an interactive media company at the forefront of the industry in Sri Lanka and world-wide. 

The studio has created hit games such as Tie N' Dye that has reached #2 in its genre in the US App Store. 

Our world-class product teams work with the best in the world such as Voodoo, Supersonic and Lion Studios.

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Ideate & Execute a Hyper Casual Game

Learn Hyper Casual ideation and the ins and outs to creating hit games!

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Make a Quality Hyper Casual Game

Replicate a hit high quality game to practice your game design skills.

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Getting Into Game Art

As a Hyper Casual developer its important to have some art knowledge.

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Developer Role Play - Prototyping

Role play how it might be like working with a teammate at the studio and make a prototype!

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Create Your First Hyper Casual Game

In just 3 - 4 hours you'll program your first Hyper Casual Game even as noob!

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Hyper Casual Developer Case Study

Check out how Rafael built his first Hyper Casual game and got a role at the studio!

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Available Role Preparation and Learning Resources

Role Summary

As a Junior Game Designer at Motion Miracles you'll be ideating, executing, testing and launching mobile games on our stores along with the consultation of our leads and publishers. It requires a wide array of skills to move fast and keep up with the competition out there. You need to also be technically savy in Unity so that you're not burdened by the technicals and can focus more on the quality of the product.

You'll be successful if you

Must Haves:

  • Have a portfolio that demonstrates your ability to create game mechnics

  • A gamer yourself!

  • Communicate in English

  • Have the ability to create basic mobile game mechanics

  • Have experience coding in Unity C#


  • Have the ability to create basic realistic and stylized game art assets.

  • Have work experience in the hyper casual industry

  • Produced decent KPIs in the hyper casual industry

Example Responsibilities

Your main challenge will be prototyping, iterating and launching games fast into the store. 

  • Create innovative ideas for the studio to execute on

  • Create robust adaptable code

  • Fine-tune and balance the pacing and feeling of the game

  • Deconstruct and analyze mobile games and mechanics

  • Report and adhere to timelines set by the studio's product leads

  • Be involved in all aspects of our games developments from UI/UX, game design, logic, performance, etc.

  • Be able to benchmark and stay on top of the market and new trends

  • Integrate SDKs for monetization, ads and tracking KPIs to analyze user behavior and performance.

  • Train yourself during work hours on other skillsets that will benefit your progression from Junior to a more Senior role

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Junior Game Designer