Playable Ads Intern

Allowance Based

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Sri Lanka

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Job Category

Game Design

Remote Work


About Motion Miracles

Motion Miracles an interactive media company at the forefront of the industry in Sri Lanka and world-wide. 

The studio has created hit games such as Tie N' Dye that has reached #2 in its genre in the US App Store. 

Our world-class product teams work with the best in the world such as Voodoo, Supersonic and Lion Studios.


Role Summary

You'll be working on converting our existing games or new game concepts into playable ads to launch into market. 

You'll be successful if you

  • Have a basic understanding of game design

  • Have a background in software engineering, Unity, HTML, Open GL, C# etc.

  • Have clear indication of your passion towards the gaming industry

Example Responsibilities

Your main challenge will be prototyping, iterating and launching playable ads fast.

  • Learn on the job

  • Work on client projects

  • Create robust adaptable code

  • Fine-tune and balance the pacing and feeling of the playable ad

  • Work with our game artists if additional assets are needed

  • Deconstruct and analyze mobile games and mechanics

  • Report and adhere to timelines set by the studio's product leads

  • Be involved in all aspects of the playable ads development from UI/UX, game design, logic, performance, etc.

  • Be able to benchmark and stay on top of the market and new trends

  • Integrate SDKs for monetization, ads and tracking KPIs to analyze user behavior and performance.

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Playable Ads Intern