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Aiyo Alice

Mobile Game Collaboration

Game Design


A mashup of 10 different mini games taking place all over the island of Sri Lanka. Play as Ayya(Brother), trying to catch Nangi(Sister) as she floats away holding on to some balloons.

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Aiyo Alice's strategy was to have an impact on society through its messaging regarding themes such as hate speech, racism, bullying. In order to maximise the impact, it was vital to have an element of virality in this product. This was done by leveraging our knowledge in the hypercasual industry - we combined strong mechanics from hypercasual games with a story and theme that related to the messaging. 

Studio Responsibilities

We were in charge of

  • Strategic insight on achieving virality

  • Animation, storyboarding of cutscenes

  • Art direction

  • Development of the games

  • Conceptualization of the story, games

  • Creation of some of the initial marketing material


Working under strict guidelines allowing no kind of violence, law-breaking (speeding, following road rules etc) to be depicted in the game proved to be quite a challenge. This severely limited the virality of the games, as well as how enjoyable each mini-game was. 


The project has been completed and is ready to launch at the clients discretion!

  • Hit #1 in Sri Lanka

Behind the Scenes & Breakdowns

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