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Anime Food

YouTube Project

Film & Animation


This project was done solely by our 2D animator Shenuka Corea, and was part of a 2-week sprint for our Youtube channel 'Team Miracles'. The intention was to create an aesthetic anime food tribute using Blender's grease pencil functions and to provide a project breakdown video to our viewers. This is one of our most viewed videos and Part One had over 100,000 views in just 2 months. 

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Shenuka worked through a standard 2D animation pipeline for solo creators, starting with a mood-board and references for the shots she planned to do. Then after several revisions on the storyboard, she was able to create a rough animatic. The color keys, final backgrounds, animation, colors, and post-processing is all her work as well. 

Studio Responsibilities

This project was fully created within the studio by a single person, with the team's input for feedback. Some of the responsibilities include:

  • Conceptualizing, pitching, executing, and publishing

  • Following the animation pipeline from start to end

  • Learning while meeting the project deadline

  • Creating learning material post project

  • Aligning the objectives of the animation with the studio's current strategies.


Some challenges that had to be dealt with during the project were the scope of the animation, considering the tight timeline within which the project had to be created.

With it being a solo project, there is the challenge of maintaining self-control and discipline in order to meet the necessary milestones. 


With the Anime Food project we were able to:

  • Have our first video that reached over 100,000 views on YouTube

  • Develop more skill sets in Blender 2D 

  • Have more expertise in the software to make tutorials for our YouTube channel

  • Prove that individuals can follow the entire pipeline themselves

Behind the Scenes & Breakdowns

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