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Studio IP Project

Film & Animation


The 'Hairmageddon' project was Motion Miracles' first milestone at creating a short film incorporating both 2D and 3D animation. We combined the entire animation department to be able to utilise all the current skills we had at the studio. 

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We worked on Hairmageddon as primarily a portfolio project and to prove to ourselves that with the right direction we can work in a large creative team and enjoy the work. There were also no managers involved, just creatives! We wanted to allow our teams to feel like they had a project to themselves to push themselves in and take full ownership. 

We wanted something in our portfolio to showcase that we can do the entire pipeline of 2D, 2.5D, and 3D to generate leads. It would show adaptability and versatility within our teams.  With this project on display, we now pivoted to doing more specialized work to better focus our work into more niche industries.

Studio Responsibilities

This project was fully handled by the studio without any third parties. Some of the team responsibilities entailed:

  • Being cross-functional

  • Conceptualizing, pitching, executing, and publishing 

  • Learning while meeting the project deadline

  • Creating learning material post project

  • Aligning the objectives of the animation with the studio's current strategies.


Since it was our first project combining both 2D and 3D, we faced issues with orienting ourselves into the roles we had to fulfill. Having worked individually before, working as a team did not come easy. Uneven task delegation, poor communication, and the lack of a hierarchy were a few major issues we faced.

Since this project was conceptualized during 2020's covid regulated lockdown, our team also had to tackle working remotely and communicating, while also struggling to maintain motivation and stay on the same wavelength throughout the project duration. 


With the Hairmageddon project we were able to:

  • Gather over 120,000 views on YouTube

  • Develop more skill sets in Blender 2D and 3D

  • Have more expertise in the software to make tutorials for our YouTube channel

  • Secure multiple leads that want to work with us on 2D and 3D animated work.

Behind the Scenes & Breakdowns

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