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Pop N' Free

Mobile Game Collaboration



Pop N Free is a Hypercasual Runner mobile game created for Cure EB. The client wanted to gamify a physical game they have created for children. The concept originated from the skin condition called EB that makes skin as sensitive as a butterfly. We managed to translate the industry knowledge to client's needs and came up with the game that empathise with people going through EB. 

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Motion Miracles wanted to make a game that emphasizes releasing butterflies from being trapped to resonate freeing people who are going through EB. We came up with a game where the player is a pin-headed hero flying freely in the sky to pop balloons caging butterflies. 

We decided to pursue a Hyper casual approach to target both: gamers and a non-gamers audience.
It took us two weeks from ideation to publishing.

Studio Responsibilities

We handled:

  • Initial communications with the client

  • Defining the project scope

  • Game Design

  • Game Development

  • SDK and tools integration

  • Publishing

  • Producing marketing material (ads, banners, etc.)


Ideating the game with a niche concept was tricky. We iterated through a few core-loops to see what feels the easiest to pick-up and play for non-gamers. The game has to be intuitive and easy to pick up for anybody. It's important to make sure the tutorial is integrated inside gameplay as well and that it's non-disruptive. 


Pop N Free for Cure EB was a great collaboration that strengthened the services side of MM. It trained us to translate the knowledge of the digital market to clients who has niche themes but wants to reach a wide audience.
We also connected Cure EB with Supersonic Studios, a leading mobile game publisher to test Pop N Free under their criteria. 

  • From Ideation to publishing in two weeks

  • Published for both Android and iOS without a single rejection

  • Over 25 levels of gameplay

  • Single member capable of going through the entire process

  • Making a niche theme cater to a wide audience

  • Simplifying a concept to make it fun and replayable

  • Translating industry knowledge to client

  • Utmost client satisfaction of the entire process

Behind the Scenes & Breakdowns

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