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Virtual Museum



Walk through a virtual audiovisual museum about the history of religion in Sri Lanka The museum synthesises with the historical research to present the nuances of historical agency, cause and consequence around a contentious subject of modern Sri Lanka.

To represent the complexity of the history of religion in Sri Lanka in an engaging and tasteful manner. Care was taken to ensure that the audiovisual enhancements we made to the historical artefacts did not disrespect the historical event and agents.

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Studio Responsibilities

  • 3D modelling and texturing of artefacts and structures

  • Scene design

  • Coming up with ideas to enhance some of the artefacts to help bring history to life

  • Development

  • Optimisation for web


There were three major challenges involved with the game. The first challenge was ensuring the game was sufficiently optimised to be played on a web browser. We accomplished this by reducing the buildings to one mesh with one texture atlas, baking lights into the scene, and thereafter compressing all textures in the scenes while preserving visual fidelity as much as possible. Furthermore, since the museum showcases videos, we were able to use our own custom server to host the museum so that videos can be streamed instead of stored in the project files. Another major challenge we overcame was correctly implementing languages that do not use Latin characters. After much trial and error, we found the right fonts and unicode converters so that the Sinhala and Tamil scripts can be printed without any errors.


Behind the Scenes & Breakdowns

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