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We are a game technology studio & agency focused on delivering immersive gaming products and services in blockchain and cross-platform games to our players and clients/partners.


We Make Games

Our team builds, self-publishes, and provides external end-to-end services in consumer gaming experiences and technology. From NFT/blockchain games to multi-platform games, we work strategically through every product that we build or comes our way.

Tie N' Dye

Publisher Voodoo Games

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12,000+ Ratings

1,000,000+ Downloads

by itzmaddi

Super fun game!

This game tests your skills at tie-dying and it's really fun. I would 100% recommend getting this game. I play it every day and I love it so much!! Highly recommended! 


by KayKay13941394

Tie and Dye made fun!

Love how this app gives an intro to tie and dye while also making the challenges fun to solve!


We Make Animations

We create end-to-end fully animated 2D & 3D content, infographics, and skits for our clients and our millions of social media viewers.


5,000,000+ Views


60,000+ Subscribers

Comment by Aniket Bagal

"I loved this so much the way it switched to the 3d fight seen was amazing!!  I am currently enrolled in full sail university and y'all made Animation so much more fun thank y'all."

Comment by Travis Williams

"The last REVEAL of bald patch is EPIC...!!! LOVED the Animation Both 2d as well as 3d Amazinggggg... ♥♥♥ Waiting For MORE...."



Bring in your very own strategic and agile game development teams to either direct or support the production of games, animations, or gamified products. 

Unsure how gaming could be applied in alternate industries? No problem, we can help scope, strategize and consult on building the ultimate specialized solutions for your brand.