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Koko - 2D animated advertisment


This project for Koko was a series of animated teaser videos and a longer animated explainer for the launch of their brand and service, advertising the use of the app itself and its mascot in their unique brand style. Our team of two 2D animators worked on this frame by frame in Blender, and covered the entire pipeline internally, apart from the illustration style, and the externally sourced voice-over and music.

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In this project, we mostly handled the art and animation direction of the project. We strategized over a clean design, and simple animations that focused on the service, ensuring a final cohesive message came across well and worked within the budget.

Internally, we knew this project also would help our brand develop as an adaptable studio that can deliver to already set art styles and drive more inventive brands like Koko to work with us!

Studio Responsibilities

All the animation components were handled in-house, with a few exceptions of external input. Some of the team responsibilities entailed:

  • Client handling and communication

  • Conceptualizing, pitching, executing, and publishing

  • Sourcing voice talent and music

  • Aligning the objectives of the animations with the client's expectations and deadlines

  • Quality control


Working with brand guidelines does hold the team to certain standards, so our animators had to balance that fine line between artistic integrity and the client's expectations. Since we assigned only two creators to this project, they had to also fill several roles within the pipeline and see it through to a successful end.

A few technical issues that occurred included a couple of smoothing and timing errors in the framerate, inconsistent color use across animations, and a few other trivial yet time-consuming issues with adding motion blur to 2D animations.


Koko was really pleased with the outcome and they were able to launch influencer and ad marketing campaigns throughout all their targetted regions with the animations. Testimonial: "Working with Motion Miracles was awesome! They were super welcoming and they accommodated each of our requests with a positive attitude. They are technically sound and they did a fantastic job bringing our idea to life! We received quite the response on social media, citing it as novel and out of the box!"

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