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Project Nemo - 3D animated shortfilm


Project Nemo is an IP the studio has been developing over the years. This was our first team attempt at realizing Nemo's cyberpunk and zombie-infested world further in an animated production.

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Studio Responsibilities

The studio handled all aspects of the project.

  • The creation of all the models

  • Rigging the characters

  • Animation

  • Lighting/rendering

  • Storyboarding


Considering the studio is still building its capacity to accommodate our own large IP projects we decided to make this animation to help us secure bigger projects. For us to make sense of working on this, we did extensive research into what the industry was looking for and produced various portfolio content with Nemo.


This was the first time the studio was approaching a project at this scale. We had to:

  • Adapt and learn how to use Blender's render engines to the fullest

  • Adapt our models and the complexity of the scenes to fit the budget


  • Generated leads and work with clients.

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