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Wacky Winter - Mobile game production


Santa's elves have finally had enough of his terror and minimum wages. The elves have formed an alliance with the snowmen and animals of the North Pole to steal Santa's presents!

Wacky Winter was the studio's first fully internally produced mobile game.



For the studio to establish its first bit of work and distinguish ourselves in the industry we poured our heart and soul into polishing up every detail we could on this project. Right after the launch of Wacky Winter, we started seeking opportunities in the industry.


Wacky Winter gave us the foundations to get exclusive opportunities with publishers such as Voodoo Games, Lion Studios, Homa Games, Coda, etc.

Studio Responsibilities

The studio handled all aspects of the Wacky Winter production:

  • Character concepts

  • Storyboarding

  • Trailers

  • Game Art

  • Game Development

  • Publishing


Considering that majority of the talent at the studio, at the time, was inexperienced in almost all avenues of creating a game we had huge adversity to overcome. Every member had to learn on the job and while needing to meet our deadline.

Other Media

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