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Tie N' Dye - #4 mobile game on App Store


Tie N Dye is a Puzzle-Simulation Hypercasual mobile game for iOS and Android. The concept was extracted from dip-dyeing clothes. Due to the super trendiness of the concept, the game became the best marketable product of Voodoo in March 2020.

Tie N Dye paved the way for:

  • 1mn+ downloads in a single week

  • 12,000+ ratings

  • Getting the exposure and recognition of getting a game published by Voodoo - the leading Hypercasual games publisher

  • Experience working on extremely high-potential products under tight deadlines

  • Global challenges and knowledge of how to face them

  • Full understanding of a product from ideation to publishing

  • Recognition and credibility to work with any mobile publisher in the world


Tie N Dye was meant to capitalize on a relatable, trendy, and fun concept. In March 2020, Tie Dye and Dyeing clothes, in general, were a summer trend. Due to that, we were able to leverage extremely high marketability. Our primary goal was to cater to young and adult audiences who would enjoy a very simple, satisfying, and mildly challenging concept they could intuitively play.


While we hit high marketability right off the bat, we struggled to keep players engaged in the game long enough to make it profitable. The process of learning and improving gameplay elements took a long time.

By the time our product was ready to be published, we were challenged by market duplicates and rival products.

Studio Responsibilities

  • Game Concept

  • Game Design

  • Development

  • Publishing with Voodoo Games

  • Direction

  • Game Art

  • Level Design

  • Visual Execution

Other Media

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